Monday, July 1, 2013


Waffle House Memories

It is said that the sense of smell can stimulate memories. 

Today was a stroll down memory lane to childhood and college days long gone by. As I walked into the Waffle House for breakfast this morning and took one deep breath of the smell of those waffles that you only get at a Waffle House it was like the flood gates of my mind opened up.

Sitting at the counter watching the short order cooks prepare the diners morning meals I was taken back to graduate school and working at the Waffle House off I-75 at the Lake Park exit in GA. Having just gone through the most tragic event of my life and needing money to be able to stay in school I worked the night shift. Sitting there this morning I thought of long nights working and how slow we often were during the week between 2-4 in the morning. The cook that worked nights with me would often do some of my cleaning so I could sit at a corner booth and write papers or study for upcoming exams. 

I caught myself smiling as I took my first bite of that pecan waffle this morning thinking about all the Waffle Houses we stopped at for breakfast while on family trips as a kid. Yep the Waffle House was not the closest restaurant to my hotel and it is not on the hotels list of places to eat in the area, but I just could not go on a trip back to the South East and not have at least one meal at a Waffle House. It started the day off on a good note today.

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