Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Little Piece of Home on the West Coast

This weekend I joined a few friends for a trip to the Coast for a relaxing getaway. After weeks filled with concerts, fundraisers and just a generally very busy time at school a few days away is what was needed by all.

When looking for places to eat over the weekend it was recommended we try Bon Temps Creole Cafe in San Luis Obispo, CA. As someone that grew up in the South and I love good Creole food I was game for giving the place a try. We opted to give breakfast a try.

However before I could even order breakfast after seeing my all time favorite snack on the menu for lunch and dinner I had to ask about the "Boiled Peanuts". My question was did they make them from raw peanuts or where they from a can. Turns out they make them fresh from raw peanuts. So I ordered the largest order on the menu.

For breakfast I ordered grits and a side of bacon well done. I took my bacon and broke some of it up and put it in my grits like my momma used to make for me. I have to say it was one the best bowl of grits I have had this side of the Mississippi that I did not personally make. No cheese grits on the menu though which I do like as long as you use the right kind of cheese.

I have to say between what I ordered and the meals my friends order, which by the way came in cast iron skillets. The only real disappointment of the morning was the Beignets. They looked like mini-beignets when they were delivered to the table and were round instead of the square shape I'm accustomed too. Taste feel flat on them as well.

However even with the disappointment of the Beignets I would say "Bon Temps Creole Cafe" was hit this morning. We are planning a trip back for either lunch or dinner and desert. Can't wait to try their pecan pie...

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