Saturday, January 4, 2014

Apple Design

One of the things I like best about Apple products is look of their products. I mean who does not think an iPhone or MacBook is not a sleek looking product.

When you go into an Apple store you don't go into a cluttered electronic store. You go into a sleek looking store with someone at the door to greet you and see how they can help you with your experience in the store.

I have been in a number of Apple stores across North America over the years. But on my most recent trip to London while visiting with friends at Covent Gardens a familiar logo caught my eye. That logo was the familiar Apple, so I asked my friends if they would mind stopping in the Apple store. To which one of them had a smile come across his face I could tell he was a fan of Apple products and technology in general like myself. So off we went to take a peek into the Apple store and what a treat it was to see this mix of new technology with old English style architecture.

Take a look for yourself;

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