Wednesday, May 29, 2013



On Sunday at the Phoenix Comic Con with only about an hour left to go before the exhibit hall was due to close the fire alarm started going off. Volunteers and security for the event announced that this was not a drill and everyone needed to leave the building. I was ushered out a side emergency exit that lead up a stairway up stairs and out of the convention center. As I walked up the stairs that were shaking with the weight of so many people going up at one time I over heard people talking about the possibility of a bomb threat.  

People left in a very orderly fashion. Due to the heat outside there were a couple of people that were in costumes that came close to passing out due to the heat out on the side walks in the sun.

Once outside I called a friend that I was with at the con to see where she was located at since we were not together when the alarm went off. We meet up at the Hyatt to get out of the heat and find out more about what had happened. It was there that we heard that there had been a problem in one of the mens bathrooms on the upper floor, which cause the alarm to go off. 

They extended the exhibit hall hours once they let everyone back into the convention center. However due to the late hour we choose to just have dinner and head out to the hotel for the evening.

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