Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tall Ship "Lady Washington"

In 1787 at the end of the American Revolution the Lady Washington was refit as a trade ship to prepare her to sail around Cape Horn. The Lady Washington opened the Black Pearl and Sandalwood trade between Hawaii and Asia.

The modern Lady Washington was researched and built by Gray Harbors Historical Seaport Authority and launched on March 7, 1989. The modern Lady Washington travels the West Coast each year along with her partner ship the Hawaiian Chieftain providing ship board education programs to thousands of   school children and the general public.

The following pictures of the Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain were taken at Morro Bay, CA.

Lady Washington

Preparing to Jump?!?

Sailing off into the sunset


  1. HI Nora, I do public relations for Morro Bay and would love to use your photos with your permission and photo credit. Please email me if you approve at Thanks! Maryann

  2. HI Nora! I do public relations for Morro Bay and your phtos are fantastic. Would you be willing to let us use them for promotional purposes if we give you photo credit? Please email me if you are interested at Thanks! Maryann