Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tapping Friendships

SciFi Conventions have been taking place in both the US and Britain since the 1930's. In the early days of conventions people went because of their love of SciFi to share with other like minded people. As time pasted conventions changed and evolved into a commercial venture.

Amanda Tapping
Today you have for profit conventions were people go simply to meet a favorite actor. They go to get close to actors and have a picture taken with them and acquire an autograph. When I went to my first Stargate SG-1 convention 10 years ago my main focus was on seeing Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping and Christopher Judge three of the four main stars of the show at that time. My goal was to see all three actors at the con. I had pictures taken with all of the actors and collected autographs from them as well.

But a curious thing happened that I did not expect that weekend. I met some really cool people that I have stayed in touch with over the years and we have because friends. We have attended multiple conventions together and have even gotten together to just have dinner when in the same city. We send holiday cards to each other and birthday cards.

GABIT Events
While at a convention in Vancouver, BC a friend told me about the AT (Amanda Tapping) conventions put on by GABIT Events.  She had been to the first one and said it was the best run convention she had ever attended. Stargate was still on the air at the time and as a fan of Amanda's I thought why not give the next one a try. AT2 had been announced so when tickets went on sale I decided to purchase one and go. Did I enjoy it you ask, well I just attend AT6 two weeks ago. By the way I live in California and these events are in the UK.

Amanda was still a draw for me at the first event. But now, well I go because I have made so many good friends they are the reason I still make the trip across the pond. Friends that all get together because of the AT cons. I laugh so hard over the course of the weekend that I cry. The weeks before the event I can't wait for it to arrive and when it does come it is over all to quick. AT7 is already scheduled and as long as I can get the time off from work I will be there. Amanda is the reason for friends to gather together for a reunion.

I have been to small cons and I have been to the mega cons like Comic Con International. I have attend both types of events with friends. There is just something about the combination of friends that keep me coming back to the GABIT Events. As long as the core of the same group keeps showing up so will I. We'll keep laugh, smiling, crying, so Julia don't faint but here is to AT............................

Olympic Torch Bearer and Chairman of GABIT Events Julia Hague and I
GABIT Events also raises a lot of money for charity. These cons are not for profit events. The two charities that the events focus on are Hearing Dogs for Deaf People  and Sanctuary for Kids. AT1 to AT5 provided the funds for 10 hearing dogs for the deaf in the UK.

Raising Money for Sanctuary for Kids
Hearing Dog and Henry
Hearing Dog Demonstration

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